General Degree Requirements

Candidates for the baccalaureate degree must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours including the following requirements:

Area Credit Hours
University Core of Common Studies36
Diederich College of Communication Curriculum19-21
Minor (or Second Major)18-24

University Core of Common Studies (UCCS)

See the University Core of Common Studies section of this bulletin.

Examining the World:

  • 6 credits Rhetoric (R)
  • 3 credits Mathematical Reasoning (MR)

Engaging the World:

  • 3 credits Diverse Cultures (DC)
  • 3 credits Histories of Cultures and Societies (HCS)
  • 3 credits Individual and Social Behavior (ISB)
  • 3 credits Literature/Performing Arts (LPA)
  • 3 credits Science and Nature (SN)

Evaluating the World:

  • 6 credits Human Nature and Ethics (HNE)
  • 6 credits Theology (T)

Note: Consult the Core of Common Studies website for an updated list of approved core courses.

Diederich College of Communication Curriculum

The Diederich College of Communication builds on the foundational educational experience provided by Marquette’s Core of Common Studies. It does this through a college curriculum that amplifies and deepens the knowledge, skills and values imparted to students in the nine knowledge areas of the Common Core, and by offering students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and skills in a variety of undergraduate majors and minors. The Diederich College of Communication thereby extends the student’s core of common studies experiences, and focuses further learning in pursuit of a specialized degree. College of Communication students are required to take the following courses:

COMM 1000Foundations of Human Communication, Culture and Society3
COMM 1050Communication Pathways1
COMM 1100Contemporary Presentation3
COMM 1200Media in Society3
COMM 2500Introduction to Communication Research Methods3
6-8 credit hours in a second language or Diverse Cultures6-8
Total Credit Hours19-21

Second Language/Diverse Cultures Requirement

Students must complete two terms of second language or Diverse Cultures courses and can fulfill this requirement by taking two second language courses, two UCCS approved Diverse Cultures courses, or one term of second language and one term of approved Diverse Cultures courses. The two terms of a second language can be from the same language or from two different languages. These courses cannot also be used to fulfill any UCCS requirements. Students who have never studied a second language or who wish to pursue a new language must begin with level 1001. Students who wish to continue studying the same language begun in high school must complete the Language Placement Exam. On the basis of this exam, students are placed in the appropriate language course. For further details on the placement exam in French, German and Spanish see the university section on Placement in Languages or visit the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures website.

Minor Requirement

Communication students must complete a minor or a second major. More information regarding minors is contained in the Majors and Minors Overview section of this bulletin.