University Core of Common Studies and College Curriculum Requirements

The College of Nursing builds on the foundational educational experience provided by the University Core of Common Studies. It does this through a college curriculum that amplifies and deepens the knowledge, skills and values imparted to students in the nine knowledge areas of the UCCS.

Rhetoric (R)6
Rhetoric and Composition 1
Rhetoric and Composition 2
Mathematical Reasoning (MR)3
Any approved UCCS MR course; Statistics recommended for students considering graduate education.
Individual and Social Behavior (ISB)6
General Psychology
Introduction to Life-Span Developmental Psychology for Nursing Students
Diverse Cultures (DC)3
Culture and Health
Literature and Performing Arts (LPA)3
Any approved UCCS LPA course.
Histories of Cultures and Societies (HCS)3
Any approved UCCS HCS course.
Science and Nature (SN)5
Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Nature and Ethics (HNE)6
Philosophy of Human Nature
Theory of Ethics
Theology (T)6
Introduction to Theology
Any additional approved second-level UCCS T course.
General Electives 6
Any two General Elective courses.
Additional Required Science Courses 6
Chemistry for the Health Professions
Biochemistry for the Health Professions
Total Credit Hours53