Business Internship Program

The College of Business Administration offers qualified students the opportunity to participate in an applied experiential internship program, which combines practical experience with the core curriculum. The program, offered in cooperation with public, private and professional organizations includes actual experience in a carefully supervised program of productive work with a clearly defined educational objective.

Full-time degree students in the college, who have achieved sophomore standing and an overall grade point average of 2.500 (For ACCO 3.000 overall GPA plus other requirements; for FINA and REAL 2.500 overall GPA plus 3.000 in major course work), are eligible to participate in the internship program. Credit is granted based on hours worked and the educational content of a particular offering.

Interns are full-time students whether at school or at work. When at work the intern is subject to the rules of the company and is under its direct supervision. Wages, if any, are paid directly to the student. The university does not employ the student but cooperates with business and industry in arranging such employment. Registration for each work period is required of all interns, and credit is established and graded through enrollment in the appropriate course in a subsequent school period. For specific criteria to earn internship credit, contact the college director of the business career center. Two 3-credit internships, a maximum of one in any discipline, may be applied to the bachelor of science in business administration degree requirements. Any 1-credit internship will not fulfill any degree requirements. Contact the Career Development Director of the Business Career Center for information.

Pre-Law Scholars

The College of Business Administration participates in the the Pre-law Scholars program. More detailed information can be found in the university Special Programs section of this bulletin.

ROTC Programs

Students in the Army Military Science program (AROTC) and the Naval Science program (NROTC) may enroll in any of the curricula offered by the College of Business Administration. In doing so, more than the 129 credit hours normally required for graduation are necessary. Also, military and naval science courses will fulfill the 12–18 credit requirement of non-business electives. More detailed information can be found in the university ROTC Programs section of this bulletin.