Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs consist of the University Core of Common Studies and a specific major in one of the seven undergraduate colleges, the Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, Diederich College of Communication, College of Education, Opus College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences and College of Nursing. All undergraduates take the University Core of Common Studies courses in nine knowledge areas that provide a Jesuit liberal arts foundation (fully described in the University Core of Common Studies section of the bulletin). Specific majors within each college are detailed in the college's section of the bulletin.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Students who complete an undergraduate degree at Marquette University are prepared to:

  • Pursue an integration of knowledge into a comprehensive, transcendent vision of life.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills of an academic discipline, program or profession to a career or graduate study.
  • Utilize critical thinking and reflection to effect positive change in themselves, others and their communities.
  • Communicate in modes appropriate to various subjects and diverse audiences.
  • Exercise just, responsible and competent leadership in professional, intellectual and societal contexts.
  • Act for social justice within the diverse global human family.

Information about how the university assesses student abilities and preparation for these learning outcomes can be found at the Assessment website. This website also contains outcomes data from 2006 to present.