MATH 1451. Calculus 2. 4 cr. hrs.

The transcendental functions. Techniques of integration including numerical methods. Elementary differential equations. Infinite sequences and series, Taylor Series. Prereq: MATH 1450.

Concentrations and Minors

...that MATH 1450 Calculus 1 , MATH 1451 Calculus 2 , MATH 2450 Calculus 3 , and MATH...

Economics economics should take MATH 1450 Calculus 1 and MATH 1451 Calculus 2 . Students may...


The Physics Department at Marquette offers three majors that prepare students for graduate study, employment, professional training and diversification into a variety of other fields that require rigor and a combination of creative and analytical skills. The majors offered are Physics, Biophysics and Applied Physics. Physics students achieve a general understanding of leading edge computational, theoretical and experimental approaches to explaining diverse natural phenomena from sub atomic particles, to exotic stars and galaxies, and progress into areas as diverse as medicine, law, engineering and finance, as well as mainstream areas of physics such as particle physics, astrophysics, solid state, atomic and molecular physics. Biophysics students learn about the structures and mechanisms of living systems at the chemical, molecular, atomic and electronic levels, and become familiar with the techniques and instrumentation with which to study these. The Biophysics major is a rigorous preparation for a career in medicine or in the rapidly growing biomedical industry, or for further study and research in biophysical and biomedical sciences. Applied Physics students study a core physics curriculum along with practical and engineering techniques and applications, and carry out an intensive research or work-study program, in preparation for employment, specialist vocational training or further specialized study. Minors are offered in Physics, Astrophysics and Biophysics. In addition, together with the Graduate School of Management, the Department of Physics offers a five-year B.S./M.B.A. accelerated degree program.