GRMNĀ 3001. German Composition and Conversation. 3 cr. hrs.

Practice in the oral and written use of the German language. Prereq: GRMN 2002, GRMN 2003; or by departmental placement.

Admission and Readmission to the Undergraduate Colleges

...Placement in GRMN 2001 GRMN 2001 : 4 cr. GRMN 3001 : 3 cr. GRMN 3001 : 3...

Academic Regulations

...credits earned in the 3001 course 4 placement credits in GRMN 2001, in addition to...

Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLAC)

Master of Arts, students are admitted under Plan B (non-thesis option) but may request Plan A (thesis option)


...applicable: GRMN 3001 German Composition and Conversation , GRMN 3100 Advanced German Composition and Conversation , GRMN...