DEINĀ 7114. Introduction to Clinical Practice 1. 3 cr. hrs.

The first course in the clinical practice sequence has been designed to provide fundamental knowledge, skills, and experience that will enable first year students to become directly involved in interactions with patients. Upon completion of DEIN 7114-7134, dental students will have sufficient working knowledge of infection control, how to interact with patients, dental radiography, dental assisting, and related topics to be able to play a meaningful part in the delivery of oral health care to patients. In addition to providing opportunities for direct contact between students and patients, sessions that allow students to work in laboratory and clinical settings with instruments and equipment integral to modern clinical practice are an important part of DEIN 7114-7134. Students are provided an extensive laboratory experience in periodontics which prepares them to deliver oral prophies and basic scaling of teeth. Students must receive a passing grade in this section of the course to receive a passing grade for the entire course. S/U grade assessment.

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