COSCĀ 1010. Introduction to Computer Programming. 4 cr. hrs.

Introduction to abstraction, algorithmic thinking, simulation and testing for computer-based problem solving. Students will learn a high-level programming language and use tools developed by computer scientists and software engineers to solve problems. No prior programming experience is assumed. 3 hrs. lecture, 2 hrs. lab. Two years of college preparatory mathematics required.

Admission and Readmission to the Undergraduate Colleges

...Science COSC 1000 : 4 cr. COSC 1010 : 4 cr. COSC 1000 : 4 cr. COSC 1010...

Concentrations and Minors

...of 3cr) count for COSC 1010 Introduction to Computer Programming (4cr). COSC 1020 Object-Oriented...

Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science offers a unique interdisciplinary learning environment with areas of study ranging from pure and applied mathematics to computer science, statistics, and mathematics education.