BISCĀ 7516. Biomedical Systems 2. 4 cr. hrs.

A human gross anatomy course for dental students that integrates lecture with a cadaver dissection laboratory. Follows the neurocranial anatomy course with expanded topics and detailed dissections of the head and neck regions. Lectures and dissections of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, along with lectures on the upper and lower extremities are included. Part of a biomedical systems course sequence integrating anatomy, physiology, pathology, and dental clinical correlates. Prereq: School of Dentistry only.

Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences offers or participates in six different majors, five which lead to a B.S. degree and one which leads to a B.A. degree. The purpose of all of these degree programs is to provide instruction in the diverse disciplines that make up modern biology. A major emphasis of these degree programs is to familiarize students with the practice of designing, performing and analyzing biological experiments; toward this goal, stand-alone laboratory courses taught by faculty are a central component of the curriculum for each major. The degree programs teach students critical thinking skills and prepare them for a wide variety of careers including medicine, dentistry, research, biotechnology, pharmacy/pharmacology, public health, and environmental and sustainability studies.