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The College of Health Sciences offers a three-year professional program that leads to a doctor of physical therapy degree. Both current Marquette undergraduate students and transfer students with undergraduate degrees from other institutions are encouraged to apply for 10 to 20 spaces in the program.

Current Marquette students should contact the Department of Physical Therapy and complete an application through the Registrar. Deadline is Feb. 1.

The Department of Physical Therapy will also admit a number of new-to-Marquette individuals to the fourth year (external transfers to the first professional year) of the program. The minimal requirements are as follows:

  1. Candidates must possess a bachelor's degree.
  2. Candidates must have completed the 22 credits of prerequisite course work. No applicant will be accepted with a GPA below 2.400 and depending on the applicant pool, a higher GPA may be required to successfully gain entry into the program. All prerequisite course work must have been taken at an accredited four-year institution.
  3. Twelve credits of social sciences and/or humanities must have been completed as a liberal arts core.
  4. Candidates must have completed a minimum of 80 hours of validated experience in a physical therapy clinic as a volunteer or as an employee under the supervision of a physical therapist.
  5. Official transcripts.
  6. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

An application may be obtained from the Department of Physical Therapy or the physical therapy program’s website at The deadline for submitting a complete application is Feb. 1. The best candidates will be selected from the pool of applicants.

For more information about the doctor of physical therapy, contact the Department of Physical Therapy by phone at (414) 288-7161 or by mail at Marquette University, Department of Physical Therapy, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881.

Clinical Laboratory Science Courses

CLLS 5931. Topics in Clinical Laboratory Science. 1-4 cr. hrs.

Selected topics in clinical laboratory science. Specific topics determined each term. Offered annually.

Exercise Physiology Courses

EXPH 5187. Exercise Physiology for Special Populations. 3 cr. hrs.

Lecture. A study of program modifications and techniques for various populations; which may include for example exercise prescription throughout the life span. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

EXPH 5192. Advanced Exercise Physiology. 3 cr. hrs.

Advanced course in the study of the body's response to physical activity. Focus is on standard techniques utilized in exercise physiology research.

EXPH 5195. Advanced Exercise Physiology Laboratory. 1 cr. hr.

Presents advanced techniques used in exercise physiology to study the human body’s response and adaptations to exercise. Focuses on laboratory techniques and skills that are standard, but cutting edge in exercise physiology research and form the basis of knowledge in exercise physiology. Laboratory techniques include those used to study and quantify neuromuscular function, metabolic responses and cardiovascular adjustments to acute and chronic exercise. Students gain practical experience in the scientific process and come to understand and perform these techniques.

Physical Therapy Courses

PHTH 6515. Pathophysiology and Aging. 4 cr. hrs.

Lecture/clinical observations. Presents the pathophysiology of cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine and immune system disorders. Details background information on the aging process. Compares and contrasts age-related and pathological changes which occur in the major physiological systems over time. Explores modes of providing service to aged clients. Prereq: Dept. cons.

PHTH 6518. Physiology of Activity. 3 cr. hrs.

Lecture/laboratory. Concentrates on the assessment of activity tolerance in, and basic principles of, exercise prescriptions for normal healthy individuals through the life-span who are either trained or untrained. Emphasizes functional approach and examines factors that enhance or impede performance. Introduces various training strategies. Prereq: Dept. cons.

PHTH 6525. Kinesiology 1: The Upper Extremity. 3 cr. hrs.

Anatomy of the muscular and joint systems in normal and abnormal conditions in the upper extremities. Includes surface anatomy, the biomechanics of normal and abnormal muscle and joint action. Lecture, demonstration and laboratory practice. Prereq: Dept. cons.

PHTH 6526. Kinesiology 2: The Spine and Lower Extremity. 3 cr. hrs.

Continuation of PHTH 6525 with emphasis on head, trunk and lower extremities, including an introduction to normal gait, posture, and surface anatomy. Lecture, demonstration and laboratory practice. Prereq: PHTH 6525 and dept. cons.

PHTH 6570. Advanced Biomechanics and Kinesiology. 4 cr. hrs.

Advanced analysis of human movement including gait, orthotics and prosthetics. Rehabilitation focuses on physical therapy interventions for patient/clients with chronic diseases and other conditions necessitating long-term therapeutic intervention. Prereq: Dept. cons.

PHTH 6667. Neurological Rehabilitation 1. 2 cr. hrs.

Lecture and discussion-based. Covers the pathology, etiology, and epidemiology of common neurological diseases. Clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, evaluation, and medical/surgical interventions for the diseases are the focus of the first of a 2 part course series. Prereq: Dept. cons.

PHTH 6668. Neurological Rehabilitation 2. 4 cr. hrs.

Continuation of Neurological Rehabilitation 1. Lectures and labs focus on physical therapy interventions for specific impairments, disease-specific conditions, and overall function. Evidence-based practice guidelines are utilized when available, objective tests and measures are emphasized, and case studies are utilized to integrate and apply information. Prereq: Successful completion of PHTH 6667 and dept. cons.